crafted by photobiz

  • Motion Reel

    A quick preview of my motion graphics abilities.

  • Dressing Rooms Promo / Intro

    Developed, illustrated and animated this promo with some typography and show logo (still design) was provided. Director, Camera A Opp, Editor and Animator for the entire Dressing Rooms series. See the full series at (I also animated the end screen, twinkling buttons included.)

  • TDN 3D Bumper

    The goal was to represent the many categories of TDN content in the same graphic, be visually concise and also impactful.

  • Swatch Artist E1

    Shot, edited and animated this piece for social media influencer and artist @aljurealllure (instagram). There will be future, more specific episodes, but this first one also serves as an explainer piece as well as an artist bio.

  • Equalizer Movie - Social Media Piece

    Animated provided vector assets. Cut together clips from trailer and feature film, added and edited music and sound design.

  • The Search : Searching Movie Social Piece

    Short social media piece for Feature Film "Searching", starring John Cho. Cut/edit, visual fx, motion graphic design, sound design.

  • TDN Promo Reel

    A heavy mix of video editing and motion graphic animation. Graphic elements were provided.

  • TDN Devices Preroll

    3D animation, motion graphics and video editing.

  • Literal Cliffhanger : Alpha Movie Social Media Piece

    Two words, "Motion", "Tracking". If you have done any before you will know why the compositing in the last scene was rather tricky. Video editing and some VFX included.

  • Programming with Python Trailer

    I collaborated on this trailer with one other animator, the director and a graphic designer. My role: built and animated Alexa 3D brain cgi and also animated/composited hologram web browsing and interactive journal UI in sofa scene.